Rethink. Refocus. Recalibrate.
Our company offers a full range of consulting services for a wide variety of businesses.
What Makes Us Unique
The PICTOR Group is a Team of highly respected professionals who offer a blend of exceptional talent, expertise and experience.
Our Core Values
The PICTOR Group is guided by the following Core Values in working with our Clients: Commitment, Collaboration, Integrity and Excellence
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Why The PICTOR Group

The PICTOR Group is best known for delivering outstanding results which are relevant and cost effective. We ensure that everything we do is of the highest quality for our Clients.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a premier intercollegiate athletics consulting firm known for delivering exceptional results to our Clients.

Individualized Solutions

The PICTOR Group is highly effective in providing tailored, creative and innovative solutions to specific situations no matter the issue or the size or scope of the athletics program, conference or sports organization.

About The PICTOR Group

Let Our Leadership Team help your organization Rethink. Refocus. Recalibrate!

The PICTOR Group’s leadership team includes three former NCAA Division I Athletics Directors and a Division I Conference Commissioner. Our Team offers a unique blend of exceptional talent, expertise and experience. Our Team is passionate for visionary and ethical leadership in intercollegiate athletics.

The PICTOR Group may on occasion, invite guest experts from higher education and/or the industry of intercollegiate athletics to assist us with a special project or specific assignment. These individuals possess an expertise and in-depth knowledge of the specific topic and will bring a unique insight and perspective in contributing to the project our services to your individual requirements.


The Division III Commissioners Association's work with The PICTOR Group on the Strategic Analysis of the State of Collegiate Officiating and a five-year strategic plan was a massive undertaking. The results of which is a comprehensive report outlining key data, critical issues and overarching recommendations on how to address a significant crisis in college athletics. Additionally, the actionable and detailed strategic plan solidifies a path forward on both national and regional levels. The leadership, dedication and expertise of The PICTOR Group team was essential to the success of this project. I can only hope we continue to work with their team as we move forward.

Patrick Summers
Chair of the Officiating Committee of the Division III Commissioners Association

Our Team

Cary Groth

Cary Groth

Founder and CEO
Sandy Hatfield Clubb

Sandy Hatfield Clubb

Carolyn Schlie Femovich

Carolyn Schlie Femovich

Vice President
M. Dianne Murphy

M. Dianne Murphy

Vice President
Ingrid Wicker McCree

Ingrid Wicker McCree


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The PICTOR Group is an intercollegiate athletics consulting firm whose mission is to help intercollegiate athletics programs Rethink, Refocus and Recalibrate to achieve expanded opportunities and increased effectiveness.