Long Range Financial Planning – Data Analytics

The PICTOR Group enables your senior leadership team to understand the importance of Long Range Financial Planning and Analytics. It will assist with understanding the best way to make informed decisions about the current and future financial state of the program. Examples of interactive financial models are provided which give the ability to do scenario planning, forecasting as a team and provides instant financial feedback on a potential decision.

State of the unit data is an important part of this service. This data allows you to manage units more effectively and efficiently. A set of examples are provided as well as a session designed on using State of the Unit data.

In addition, The PICTOR Group
•  Uses the institutions NCAA IPP data to tell your story
•  Develops forecasting skills using data
•  Identifies unit data that would be most important in evaluating the efficiencies and success of the various units
•  Engages and motivates staff through innovative thinking
•  Provides an opportunity to enhance the communications regarding the athletics needs between the athletics department, central administration, board and president resulting in collaborative thinking
•  Provides professional development for the athletics director and senior leadership team, and
•  Brings new ideas and approaches for best management practices

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The PICTOR Group is an intercollegiate athletics consulting firm whose mission is to help intercollegiate athletics programs Rethink, Refocus and Recalibrate to achieve expanded opportunities and increased effectiveness.


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