Long-Range Financial Planning – Data Analytics

The PICTOR Group enables your senior leadership team to better understand the importance of long-range financial planning and data analytics. By gaining a deeper appreciation for how to use financial information and benchmark data in decision-making it becomes the best way to make an important determination about the current and future state of the organization.

The PICTOR Group helps the Client with:
   • Developing methods for financial forecasting skills
   • Identifying data that will assist in evaluating the efficiencies of various units
   • Enhancing communication on financial matters between the athletics program and college/university leadership
   • Bringing innovative approaches for best financial management practices
   • Developing methods to “tell the financial story”

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The PICTOR Group is an intercollegiate athletics consulting firm whose mission is to help intercollegiate athletics programs Rethink, Refocus and Recalibrate to achieve expanded opportunities and increased effectiveness.