Executive Search Collaboration and Transitional Leadership

The PICTOR Group will utilize its collective wisdom and experience to work collaboratively with the Client to bring an enthusiastic, thorough, and professional approach to the search process. The search will be conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality, professionalism and integrity. The PICTOR Group will provide any or all of the deliverables below, depending upon the needs of the Client:

   • Assisting with the development of a position description
   • Complimenting the Client’s prospective candidates list and recruiting qualified candidates
   • Developing evaluation criteria and rating scale for prospective candidates
   • Reviewing candidates based on position description and key competencies
   • Checking references and experiences of select candidates
   • Developing questions for phone and in-person interviews
   • Participating with phone screening with select candidates to evaluate competencies
   • Providing feedback from phone screening
   • Participating in in-person interviews with select prospective candidates
   • Providing feedback from in-person interviews

Transitional Leadership:
The PICTOR Group offers a streamlined and team-oriented leadership transition program that offers a variety of services to the Client when there is a leadership change in athletics. We will successfully place interim athletics directors with experienced professionals, perform program assessments to help identify the leadership competencies needed to move the program forward. We offer an executive search process that positions the Client for optimal success. The PICTOR Group utilizes its collective experience and knowledge of the industry to meet the Client’s needs and to facilitate and enhance the transitional process. The services will be conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality, professionalism, and integrity.

The PICTOR Group works collaboratively with the Client throughout the transitional process and will provide the following:
   • Providing an experienced interim athletics director thoughout the transition
   • Recruiting a strong and qualified applicant pool
   • Identifying key qualities and core competencies for the position description
   • Conducting reference checks and phone screening with select candidates
   • Developing questions for video and in-person interviews
   • Participating with in-person interviews and providing feedback

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