Culture Assessment and Development

The PICTOR Group will help the Client better understand what organizational culture is and how it plays a crucial role in shaping the attitudes and behavior in organizations and in driving performance. The PICTOR Group will design and administer a Culture Assessment Survey tailored specifically for the Client’s organization. The Culture Assessment Survey will assess the current organization’s expectations, experiences, philosophy as well as the values that guide staff behavior. The results from the culture assessment will help the Client sharpen, reshape or develop and sustain a winning culture of excellence.

The PICTOR Group will provide the Client with the following:
   • Comprehensive understanding of the current organizational culture
   • Strategies to intentionally shape the organizational culture
   • Approaches that will optimize and integrate business and talent resources

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The PICTOR Group is an intercollegiate athletics consulting firm whose mission is to help intercollegiate athletics programs Rethink, Refocus and Recalibrate to achieve expanded opportunities and increased effectiveness.