Achieving Optimal Performance

The PICTOR Group provides three distinct services for individuals who aspire to have a successful and satisfying career intercollegiate athletics. These three services include: (1) Career Advancement; (2) Executive Coaching and (3) On-Boarding.

Career Advancement:
Whether looking for first-time employment, switching positions or being promoted, The PICTOR Group will utilize our expertise and professional experience in assisting the Client with understanding best practices in career management and advancement. The PICTOR Group will work with the Client on how they can best develop and use their talents and how they can effectively utilize various resources to open doors to exciting and meaningful career opportunities in intercollegiate athletics.

The PICTOR Group will also assist the Client in understanding the importance and value of developing an Executive Presence. Creating the Client’s Executive Presence requires a deliberate and thoughtful approach. The PICTOR Group will assist the Client in establishing and nurturing their personal brand.

The PICTOR Group will assist the Client in developing the following:
   • Writing a compelling Cover Letter and powerful Resume
   • Preparing for the Interview
   • Weighing and negotiating the Offer
   • Developing and utilizing a personal Board of Directors

Executive Coaching:
The PICTOR Group provides customized executive coaching to Clients. The executive coaching methodology is initiated through either an in-person meeting or Zoom conference followed by regularly scheduled phone conferences. Whether a Client is going through a promotion or job change, or simply wanting to enhance leadership potential or develop a customized Game Plan for professional advancement an Executive Coach can be a difference maker. The PICTOR Group Executive Coach will help to identify creative solutions to difficult and challenging workplace situations and provide the Client with specific feedback that can bring about behavior change which can result in improved job performance.

Successful leadership begins with self-awareness and introspection. Executive Coaching helps the Client discover, develop and discern their full potential. The PICTOR Group will work with the Client and develop customized strategies to build leadership capacity through knowledge, skills, feedback and reflection.

Integrated into Executive Coaching, The PICTOR Group will provide the Client with the following:
   • Acquiring a better understanding on the knowledge and skills to fully realize your strengths and remedy bad habits
   • Administering a behavioral assessment, the Predictive Index
   • Providing a customized written and oral report of the Predictive Index on how natural tendencies and behaviors play out in the workplace

The first 90 days is critical for an executive to create a foundation for short and long-term success. The PICTOR Group on-boarding process is designed to help recently promoted or newly hired Directors of Athletics, Conference Commissioners and other Senior Executives accelerate learning, build credibility and establish the groundwork for a culture of excellence with integrity.

The on-boarding process includes an engaging in-person retreat that prepares the Client professionally and personally for the new position. Expert guidance and counsel are provided throughout the first 90 days.

The on-boarding process is conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality and involves the development of a customized Game Plan to include strategies for:
   • Accelerating the transition process and establishing credibility
   • Assessing and addressing the financial, human and facility resources
   • Evaluating the organizational and institutional culture
   • Engaging key internal and external stakeholders
   • Collecting and synthesizing information to create a bold vision for the future

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The PICTOR Group is an intercollegiate athletics consulting firm whose mission is to help intercollegiate athletics programs Rethink, Refocus and Recalibrate to achieve expanded opportunities and increased effectiveness.