Our Mission

Our mission is to assist intercollegiate athletics programs, athletics conferences and sports organizations Rethink, Refocus and Recalibrate. We are committed to helping our Clients achieve their goals with a customized and values-based approach.

The PICTOR Group: What’s In Our Name

Three words came to mind when we began our firm: Rethink, Refocus and Recalibrate. When looking for a name, we looked to the stars and found a constellation of three stars-the Pictor Constellation.

Pictor Constellation
Pictor Constellation lies in the southern sky. Its name is Latin for “painter,” but the constellation really represents the painter’s easel.

Pictor contains three stars with known planets and has no Messier objects. The brightest star in the constellation is Alpha Pictoris, with an apparent magnitude of 3.30. There are no meteor showers associated with the constellation.

Pictor does not contain any formally named stars.

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The PICTOR Group is an intercollegiate athletics consulting firm whose mission is to help intercollegiate athletics programs Rethink, Refocus and Recalibrate to achieve expanded opportunities and increased effectiveness.